The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is yet another fantasy fiction novel by author C.S Lewis comprising The Chronicles of Narnia. Like the others in the series the illustrator is Pathe-chronicles-of-narnia-voyage-of-the-dawn-treader-1024uline Baynes and this is the third of the seven books in the collection. This novel was published in 1952, although the author finished writing the book as early as 1950 making this completed before the ‘first’ book in the series. In more recent publications that book tends to be volume five of the seven. A massive deviation of the author in this book is its absence of a central villain.

The author dedicated the book for a Geoffrey Corbett who is a foster child of the author’s close personal friend Owen Barfield.

In this book the children return for a second time to the land of Narnia, more or less three years subsequently in Narnia time but a mere one year in England. When they arrive they learn that Prince Caspian has become king Caspian. The children join him on his voyage on his ship named Dawn Treader, the namesake of the book. This book, like others in the series, has been adapted into a film version. The BBC in 1989 made a television series and more recently in 2010 a film was also made.

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Some critics has found this novel of the series lacking and to quote Boucher and McComas “…not quite up to the high level set by the previous Narnia adventures”.

This novel also has more topical Irish influences than his other works.

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