The Silver Chair

The Silver Chair is one of several novels that make up the collection – The Chronicles of Narnia. It is classified as a fantasy book and the series is aimed toward NEwmonGqB0ZKAw_2_ban audience of children but adults enjoy it too. The author is C.S Lewis with loyal illustrator Ms. Pauline Baynes. This particular novel was the fourth to be published in the series of seven in total. However the order that it appears in modern publications tends to be volume six – this is often done to retain a flow of the Narnian timeline that is easy for the reader to follow relatively sequentially.

The Silver Chair has its setting mainly within the land of Narnia, several decades subsequent to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, however less than a year later in England – as Narnian and the real world time differ. Now in Narnia the King Caspian is aged, and old man. The King has a single son his sole heir – Prince Rilian who appears to be missing. The lion Aslan aids in the search for the King’s son by sending two children, Jill and Eustace respectively on a quest to find him.

An interesting element of the Narnia book is how time goes quickly in this magical world, yet in the ‘real world’ very little time has passed. It is quite the opposite when you play blackjack online – this exciting game means while you are playing it feels like very little time has passed, but in the real world it may be hours!

Interestingly, there is speculation that one of the characters in The Silver Chair – the talking owl – may actually be the White Witch brought back to life in a different form. In 2013 the author C.S Lewis announced that he and his company had partnered with The Mark Gordon Company to work united to produce a film of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair which is more accurately sequenced to reflect the conventional publication order.

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