The Horse and His Boy

The Horse and His Boy is a novel in the series of books by author C.S Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia. This book of the series was also illustrated by Pauline Baynes. The Horse and His Boy was one of several books that the author finished writingThe Pevensies walk through the wardrobe into Narnia before the first one was published. In modern editions of the Chronicles of Narnia, The Horse and His Boy is volume three.

What is interesting to note is that this novel is the single book in the series to feature Narnian children rather than the English children. In addition it is the only book of the series that has its setting completely in Narnia. In terms of time frame it is set in, it is placed in the last chapter of the first book of the series – the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

The main character is Shasta and his speaking horse Bree. Shasta lives in Calormen, and discovers that the fisherman who he thought was his father – Arsheesh, was not actually his father. A noble man tries to bargain with Arsheesh to buy Shasta. Shasta discovers Bree – the talking horse – at nearby stables. Bree is the nobelman’s stallion. The two decide to flee to Narnia together. They come across a young Calormen Aristocrat Aravis, who is travelling with her talking horse Hwin.

The four make their way to the capital of Calormen, Tashbaan. Calormen is a country south of Narnia, neighbouring Archenland. On their journey they come into the Calormen capital wherein they learn that Calormen has a plan to dominate Archenland – which is a land to the south of Narnia. When they reach Archenland they inform the king – King Lune – of the oncoming take over. The children have a rallying cry of ‘Narnia and the North’ as they make their way to their true homeland of Narnia.

C.S Lewis dedicated this book to his two stepsons, David and Douglas.

Unfortunately there is no film created for this book. Although there is an audio performed version done by Focus on the Family in 2000.

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