Narnia – The Last Battle

The Last Battle is a children’s book, which is part of the Narnia Chronicles. Although aimed primarily for children it is enjoyed and loved by many adult and young adult readers too. The author of the series of these novels is C.S Lewis. It has enjoyed enormous success and has sold over 100 million copies and been translated in 47 different languages. Original illustr6b618514aabedb031588cc276223956fations were done by Pauline Baynes. The Last Battle was finished by the author in 1953 and published in 1956.

This story gives an account of the end of Narnia. It starts out by introducing one of the characters a donkey by the name of Puzzle, as well as an Ape whose name is Shift. Together the two of them sit near the Caldron Pool out past an area named the Lantern Waste. The donkey is of the mind that he lacks intelligence and that his friend Shift must take lead and make all their decisions for them. Shift and Puzzle look into the well and notice something. What they see is a lion skin – upon noticing this Shift says that it was given by Aslan and intended for Puzzle to wear. Doing so would have the Narnians fooled and make them believe that Puzzle is Aslan and they would listen to him.

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Critics have praised this literary work. Notably Floyd C. Gale said of The Last Battle as a ‘…delightful fantastic fable of the type which the English have excelled since-or perhaps because of – Lewis Carroll.

The children’s novel in addition to making record breaking sales it has also won a prestigious award the Carnegie Medal from the Library Association.

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